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Handmade Seven Stone Natural Gemstone Beaded Titanium or Sterling Silver Earrings

Handmade Seven Stone Natural Gemstone Beaded Titanium or Sterling Silver Earrings

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Ear Wires

Step into a world of vibrant energy and cosmic balance with these beaded chakra earrings! Each bead on these stunning earrings represents one of the seven chakras, making them not just jewelry, but a spiritual journey in accessory form.

These earrings are more than just beautiful; they're a harmonious blend of genuine gemstones. From the soothing Amethyst to the empowering Red Jasper, each bead carries its unique energy to align and rejuvenate your chakras.

πŸ’œ Amethyst - Crown Chakra: Begin your journey with the regal Amethyst, connecting you to the higher realms and enhancing your spiritual awareness.

πŸ”΅ Lapis Lazuli - Third Eye Chakra: Dive deep into your intuition with Lapis Lazuli, a stone that helps you see beyond the ordinary and expand your wisdom.

πŸ’™ Sodalite - Throat Chakra: Express yourself confidently with Sodalite, known for its ability to boost communication and self-expression.

πŸ’š Green Aventurine - Heart Chakra: Open your heart to love and compassion with Green Aventurine, a stone that nurtures the spirit and promotes emotional healing.

🧑 Tiger's Eye - Solar Plexus Chakra: Harness the courage and strength of a tiger with Tiger's Eye, a stone that empowers your personal will and inner strength.

πŸ’› Yellow Jade - Sacral Chakra: Ignite your creativity and passion with the warm glow of Yellow Jade, awakening your sensuality and desire.

πŸ”΄ Red Jasper - Root Chakra: Ground yourself with the protective embrace of Red Jasper, a stone that anchors you to the Earth and brings stability to your life.

These earrings not only add a pop of color to your outfit but also serve as a gentle reminder to keep your chakras balanced, promoting harmony and well-being in your life. Embrace the fusion of fashion and spirituality with these exquisite earrings. Wear them proudly and let your inner energy shine through!

Looking for a unique gift for someone special? These are a thoughtful and meaningful present for anyone on a spiritual journey or in need of some positive energy.

Unleash the power of your chakras and get ready to align your energy and step confidently into a world of balance and well-being!

Crown Chakra (purple) Knowledge & Consciousness: β€œI understand.”

Third Eye Chakra (violet) Intuition: β€œI see.”

Throat Chakra (blue) Communication: β€œI talk.”

Heart Chakra (green) Love & Compassion: β€œI love.”

Solar Plexus Chakra (yellow) Strength: β€œI do.”

Sacral Chakra (orange) Passion: β€œI feel.”

Root Chakra (red) Energy & Stability: β€œI am.”

  • Made with choice of ear wires:
    • Titanium: hypoallergenic, nickel-free, durable, and tarnish resistant
    • Sterling Silver: 0.925 silver, nickel-free, lead-free, cadmium free, tarnish resistant coated ($5 extra)
  • Silicone backs included.
  • Length (including wire): 2 1/2"

Please note that while I have done my best to accurately depict the colors in the product photos, there may be slight variations in color due to differences in computer monitor settings and lighting conditions. I cannot guarantee that the colors you see on your screen will perfectly match the actual product.

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